Dance of the Medicine Bag

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In search of a new Medical Paradigm

 Dance of The Medicine Bag



From the ancient Shamanic roots of Medicine through to the latest cutting edge Medical research, the role of Consciousness Mind, and Creativity are explored for the part they play in the genesis of Healing.
















The role of consciousness in healing and disease is explored in this ethnographic/art documentary, which delves into the foundations and beliefs underlying various world Medical systems, including Western Bio Medicine.
The story starts at the very beginning of medicine,  at least 40 thousand years ago with the first Shamans, who were the equivalent to today's doctors, psychologists, priests and village leaders.  Not only is shamanism the  oldest profession on earth, but it has been practiced continuously right up until this very day in its various forms.





























Our story weaves itself forward in time through various cultures up to the present era of Western Bio Medicine, where it examines the fruits and thorns of this mechanistic based system of belief.
Shamanic practitioners from Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru and Canada share their experience of Shamanism in the 21st Century, Medical doctors discuss the current Medical system, its breakthroughs and its limitations.  The nature of health and disease, and its various cultural manifestations are examined from an anthropological point of view.  The ‘moral health’ of the Western medical model is discussed, in light of its connections with Big Pharma and business, and the consequences of these alliances to not just our health, but the health of our environment and the planet itself.   
























Dance of the Medicine Bag looks at how this new energy based healing, can help bring more balance to a Medical system which is dangerously out of touch.  
Various solutions are then put forward as researchers talk about the latest scientific findings into the role of energy Medicine such as Epigenetics, Quantum theories, and other consciousness based theories.  Combined together, the age old Shamanic traditions and the latest cutting edge science offer exciting alternatives to our current outdated Western Medical model 

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