Tania Williams

 Creating art is a source of great spiritual, creative, intellectual, as well as humorous nourishment to me. I love the challenge of turning an idea or concept into imagery. My art teaches me about the world and forces me to look more closely, and through it I seek to inspire the appreciation of beauty, magic and wonder, both in my own world and that of other cultures.

My Background

Born into a family of artists in New Zealand, I was naturally drawn to art from a young age.  My father, Russell Williams, was a well known artist from
the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand in the sixties, as was his great grandfather, William Mein-Smith a few generations earlier. Mein-Smith was also New Zealand ‘s first 
surveyor-general, responsible for surveying the first site for Wellington.   My two brothers are also practicing artist today.

When I was six years old my family moved to my mothers native country, Norway, and it was here I won my first art prize at the age of nine. After seven years in Norway
we moved to Brisbane, Australia where I later studied at art college.  Following this I spent a year in Tasmania where I continued my art studies.   

In 1987 I graduated with a degree in Naturopathy, which has been my bread and butter ever since. Then In 2003 I completed another degree from the University of Queensland 
in anthropology, a subject which always held great interest for me.

Between 2004 and 2014 I lived in New Zealand where I got involved with the  film industry.  The highlights of this period included working as an artist on the film set of King Kong in Wellington, working as an Art Director on short local films in Christchurch, and working as a TV reporter and news reader for 45 South TV in Oamaru North Otago. 
Before returning to Australia I completed a one year full time Television and Film course in Wellington.

Due to my fascination with other cultures, I have spent extensive periods of my life traveling to ‘off the beaten track’ places like Hopi and Navajo reservations and the Anasazi cliff dwellings in the USA . I have also lived and worked in Mexico and Guatemala, where I studied Spanish and worked on a Mayan dig in Honduras. 

I see my art as a synthesis of my rich and varied life experiences, and look forward to its ongoing evolution as my life evolves into ever increasing 
circles of exploration and discovery of this amazing place called earth.


Kyogle, NSW, Australia

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